Hello, my name is M.Grazia, but everybody knows me as Grace.

I'm native Italian and I'm a certified and highly experienced teacher. I teach in academic contexts, multinational companies and privately.

I speak four languages. Being a foreign language learner myself, I also give learners the tools and the tricks to learn smarter, not just harder.

I've lived and held teaching positions in Italy, the UK, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Peru and the United States.

In my free time I love taking pictures. Take a look.

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If you like music, I monthly update my 10+ hours Italian songs playlist on Spotify.
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"Prof. Grace is an excellent teacher. The explanations are very clear and logical, the atmosphere is very lively. There's a good balance between grammar and examples. She taylors well to individual students needs as well. I had lots of both fun and learning"
Zixin H.
"She is very patient! At the beginning I was quite worried about starting to learn a new language. But Grace, her diction and persistence helped me to submerged in melody and rhythm of the language very quickly and easy understand the grammar. Her method of teaching is encouraging and I really liked it"
Katerina B.
"Learning with Grace was always fun. Very interactive lectures, mix of different materials (book extracts, videos, exercises...) and games. Se adesso parlo italiano è grazie a lei"
Gözde U.
"Very professional, friendly and open. She has cross-cultural experience and I found her teaching method inspiring and very up to date, modern in approach, never dull. I would strongly recommend her if you have the opportunity"
Joanna S.
"Molto gentile, comprensiva e paziente nei confronti dei suoi studenti. Sa come riconoscere quali sono i loro problemi linguistici e conosce il metodo migliore per contribuire al loro successo. Ho seguito con lei un corso di lingua intensivo e sono notevolmente soddisfatto dei miei progressi. Grazie mille"
Jörg S.
"Maria Grazia è molto simpatica e capisce subito dove ci sono problemi. Così ho migliorato il mio italiano velocemente. È un piacere fare lezione con lei. Inoltre i temi sono sempre diversi"
Stephanie E.
I'm 100% native Italian and I'm a highly certified teacher always working on innovative strategies to accelerate results and unlock learners potential
Custom tailor
Conventional teaching or standardized apps don't meet individual needs. Since I've been a foreign language learner myself, I always take into account the different learning pace and the interests of every student
My integrated and dynamic approach enables people to improve their communicative skills from the very first lessons
I've helped people from over than 40 countries, from the absolute beginner to the seasoned speaker
Fun and kindness
My teaching is both fun and rigorous.
Humor, jokes and puns are acquisition tools: let's learn having fun!
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